What is a Truck Enthusiast ….

An individual that loves anything to do with trucks and their counterparts, one who can talk for hours about trucks and not get tired of it. These people do not hate on others for their vehicle choice and modifications (so called “rice” is irrelevant, that is total shit) but simply encourage creativity and learning.

These people are in a somewhat small but lively community worldwide which engages in truck events, TV shows, blogs, forums, games, magazines, etc. Some enjoy just talking about their rides and others like to get their hands greasy. There are those who put time and money into a project truck that brings pride to themselves and a beautiful sight and sound for others. Some enthusiasts will form their own cliques such as drifters or those at the drag strip.

There are the young teenagers who have less resources but can manage to build up a nice ride and learn from the best. Some enthusiasts prefer American trucks over imports and vice-versa. Some of us bump our music cruisin’ down the road. We can look at any truck and say anything about it: where it’s from, it’s drivetrain, it’s value.

Sometimes we just want to get in our truck and drive a hundred or so miles to think over things and enjoy the truck for what it does, what it’s capable of in your hands as a driver. Truck enthusiasts will always be where the trucks are, sharing our love of trucks for what a truck is, art.

November 25, 2014


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